New Online Master's in Math!

The University of North Alabama's Online Master of Science in Mathematics degree program is a fully online, innovative approach to graduate level mathematics. All students take a core of five 3-credit courses (including courses in algebra and analysis). In addition, students can choose from concentration / elective courses in pure mathematics, mathematics teaching, or various STEM concentrations.

Mathematics Faculty at UNA have expertise in the fields of Algebra, Group Theory, Graph Theory, Functional Analysis, Topology, Applied Mathematics, and Mathematics education.

M.A. Ed. - If you’re interested in pursuing a Master's in Education with a math concentration, our courses would be a great fit.

  • Our Mathematics for the Teachers classes are 8-week fully online.
  • Our independent study courses offer flexibility in your degree path and allow you to focus on topics you are interested in.
  • Our program allows you to quickly complete 18 credit hours in graduate mathematics so you can teach mathematics at a community college, junior college, and dual credit high school classes.
Great Option for Math Majors Working in Industry or Education Who Desire a Stronger Background in Math and Related Concepts!

Three Track Options Available:

Pure and Applied Mathematics

Work with with mathematicians on our faculty to add expertise in advanced topics in applied and/or pure mathematics, including analysis, algebra, operations research, and other fields.

Math for the Teacher

Obtain advanced credentials in mathematical pedagogy. Pursue 18 hours for a math certification and qualify to teach at a regional institution of higher education.

Choose Your STEM Specialization!

Work with faculty in other STEM departments to add a specialization to your MS in Math in a related area, such as Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, or others.

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