Stalking: What Can be Done About It?

Stalking makes a victim doubt reality and wonder if there is anything that can really be done to stop the stalker. Yet there are practical steps that a person being stalked can take. These steps, in concert with efforts by law enforcement, University administrators, and allies, can help her or him begin to regain some control over her/his life.

>> Download a stalker tracking form in .pdf format.

A stalker tracking form can help you record stalking incidents; use it as a model to create your own form, or write on it directly.

Feelings and Fears

Stalking can happen to anyone, male or female, and may also include your family members, friends, or co-workers. Stalkers may target casual acquaintances or random victims, and can stalk their victims for days, weeks, or even years. The target can become a prisoner in her or his own home.

Most stalking takes place between people who have known each other intimately. Intimate partner violence stalkers, as a category, constitute the most dangerous and potentially lethal group of stalkers. Abusers often feel that their victims belong to them, are theirs to control or to punish for trying to leave, and rationalize their inappropriate behavior by blaming the victim of their obsession. Leaving an abusive relationship takes careful planning and implementation. A local domestic violence shelter can assist in developing a safety plan. The plan found on this website may also be helpful.