Bachelor of Business Administration

Application for Admission to Major


This completed application should be submitted as soon as 45 hours have been completed or NO LATER than 30 days prior to planned registration for the junior year of College of Business studies. Students not formally approved for admission to the BBA major cannot enroll in junior or senior level college of business courses.

For additional information contact:
UNA College of Business
Student Services Office

Raburn Hall Room 314
UNA Box 5013
Florence, AL 35632-0001
(256) 765-5025


First Name
Student ID Number
Middle/Maiden Name
Last Name
UNA E-Mail Address

Mailing Address
Phone Number
Additional Phone Number
Zip Code

BBA Major
Second Major(if any)

Please check all of the course requirements met or courses enrolled in currently:
AC 291
AC 292    
BL 240
CIS 125
COM 201/211
EC 251
EC 252    
EN 111
EN 112
EN 231 *
EN 232 *  
MA 110/112 *
PHL 250
QM 291
Science Requirement (4 hours) *
History Requirement (3 hours) *
Cumulative GPA is 2.0 or higher on all coursework attempted


NOTE: during the first 30 hours following formal admission into the College of Business major, students must complete all the remaining general studies courses and sophomore level business course requirements.� Specifically the following:� Science Requirement (2nd 4 hour course *), History (2nd course *), QM 292 and CIS 236 **, and all general education and freshman/sophomore level business courses from the lists above.� Students who do not complete the above courses during the first 30 hours following admission to the major program will not be eligible to register for 300/400 level College of Business Courses. (See UNA Undergraduate Catalog)

* See BBA undergraduate checksheet for your catalog year for more information about course selection.

Yes, I meet requirements above and am ready to submit the application.
No, I do not meet requirements and I wish to exit the application

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