Faculty and Staff of Chemistry and Industrial Hygiene

Dr. Adam Aycock Assistant Professor Analytical Chemistry SET 451 256.765.4227 raycock@una.edu
Dr. Amanda Hofacker Coffman Professor Organic Chemistry SET 433 256.765.4344 alhofacker@una.edu
Dr. Frank Diaz Associate Professor Organic Chemistry SET 431 256.765.4474 fdiaz@una.edu
Dr. Cameron K. Gren Assistant Professor Inorganic Chemistry SET 432 256.765.5027 cgren@una.edu
Dr. Sara L. Johnson Assistant Professor Chemistry Education SET 453 256.765.4339 sjohnson34@una.edu
Dr. Leshan Kimbrough Associate Professor Occupational Health Science SET 449 256.765.4652 lkimbrough2@una.edu
Dr. Brent S. Olive Chair, Professor Occupational Health Science/Chemistry SET 473 256.765.4215 bsolive@una.edu
Dr. Christopher Stopera Associate Professor Physical Chemistry SET 452 256.765.4479 cstopera@una.edu
Martha Frances Graham Administrative Assistant SET 471 256.765.4622 mgraham2@una.edu