Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Languages

There are 3 Options in the Foreign Language Major. All 3 Options must complete the General Education Component as well as the Major Core Requirements. Additional requirements for each of the 3 Options are listed under section C. below. 

Degree Checksheet

Course Credit
A. General Education Component 41
For general education requirements and additional requirements for UNA students, refer to Academic Procedures and Requirements.

Foreign Language majors must complete:
Area III: Mathematics 110 or higher (3)
B. Major Core Requirements:
Introduction to Languages (FL 100) 3
Cross-Cultural Interaction (FL 302) 3
*Senior Seminar (FL 498) 1

Choose 14 hours from the following (up to 8 hours may be taken in a second foreign language):

Introduction to Global Studies (FL 101 or FL 101H) 3
Global Perspectives through Study Abroad (FL 201) 3
Introduction to Latin American Studies (FL 204 or FL 204H) 3
Culture through Cinema (FL 301) 3
Special Topics in International Studies (FL 490) 3
FR/GR/SP 101 3
FR/GR/SP 102 3


C. Option I: Foreign Languages
27 hours from 300- or 400-level courses 27


Option II: Foreign Languages for Commerce
9 hours from 300-level courses, including 353 9
12 hours from 400-level courses, including 403 12


For Option II, a minor is required in one of the following areas:
Accounting, Business Administration, Computer Information Systems, Economics, Management, or Marketing
Recommended Supporting Courses:
   Accounting Concepts I (AC 291)
   Business Applications of Microcomputer Software (CIS 125)
   Principles of Economics (EC 251)
   International Trade and Finance (EC/FI 463)
   International Business (MG/MK 491)
Option III: Foreign Languages, Professional
  9 hours from 300-level courses 9
  12 hours from 400-level courses 12


For Option III, a second major is required in consultation with the department
D. General Elective hours, if required, to bring total to 120 hours.

 Fulfills computer literacy requirement.


NOTE:  This page is based upon the 2019/2020 UNA Catalog.
Courses and descriptions are subject to change without notice.