Education Abroad Scholarship Application

The University of North Alabama’s mission is to be Innovative, Inclusive, Engaged, Evolving, and Global. Education Abroad includes all of these values, and UNA offers a $1,000 Education Abroad Scholarship to support our students’ international experiences. Students are eligible to apply if they meet all of the following criteria:

  • The student has been accepted into one of the following Education Abroad programs:
    • A credit-bearing, faculty-led Education Abroad program approved by the sponsoring academic college;
    • A credit-bearing exchange program through ISEP or with one of UNA's bilateral exchange partners; or
    • A credit-bearing direct enrollment program at an accredited or government-approved university abroad.
  • The student has an institutional GPA of at least 3.0.
  • The student is enrolled full-time in a degree-seeking program.

Students who have received the Education Abroad scholarship in the past are eligible to apply; however, preference will be given to first-time education abroad students.  If funds are available following the initial distribution of scholarships, the scholarship committee may issue additional awards.

The scholarship application deadline for the 2023-2024 academic year is January 30, 2024.  The application requires students to upload an essay and unofficial transcripts. Students will be notified of their application status by email and will then have a limited time to accept the scholarship award.

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Full-time = at least 12 credit-hours undergraduate or 8-9 credit-hours graduate
e.g., grants, scholarships
Valid files are: JPG, PNG, PDF, DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS, and XLSX

If you intend to participate in a short-term (one month or less) faculty-led Education Abroad program, please select from the following list:

Please fill this out if you are not selecting from the dropdown menu above.

If you intend to participate in a long-term (one or two semesters) exchange program through an Education Abroad partner or through direct enrollment at a university abroad, please provide the following information:

e.g., Fall 2022

Write an essay between 500 and 750 words that addresses the following questions: Why are you interested in this specific Education Abroad program or opportunity? How does this opportunity align with your academic, professional, and/or personal goals? What kind of intercultural understanding, perspectives, and/or knowledge do you hope to gain from this experience? What have you done to plan for this essential and exciting global learning experience?

Valid files are: JPG, PNG, PDF, DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS, and XLSX

Students who accept an Education Abroad Scholarship agree to submit a 500-word reflective essay after their Education Abroad experience. The essay should be submitted within 30 days of the program’s conclusion.

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