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The Department of Mathematics offers major programs in mathematics leading to the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees, minor programs in mathematics, and provides coursework in mathematics applicable to degree requirements in other departments and to partial satisfaction of the general studies component in all programs. In cooperation with the College of Education, the department provides additional coursework for mathematics majors who are pursuing certification to teach secondary mathematics.

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Math majors may participate in the Math/CS Undergraduate Research Team and the Dual Degree Engineering Program (DDEP). The DDEP is designed to be completed in 3 years at UNA and 2 years at the University of Alabama. The DDEP is a 3+2 plan offering students the opportunity to earn two bachelor's degrees in 5 years.  In addition, many math majors are honored by selection to Kappa Mu Epsilon, a specialized honor society in Mathematics.

In conjunction with the CPR^2 Summer Institute for Math Teachers, UNA offers a summer STEM camp for high school students.

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