CPR2 header
NSF Award Number: 1933677
Principal Investigator: 
Dr. Cynthia Stenger, University of North Alabama, clstenger@una.edu
Co-Principal Investigators:  
Dr. Janet T. Jenkins, UNA, jltruitt@una.edu
Dr. Jessica Stovall, UNA, jstovall@una.edu

Through support from an NSF STEM+C award, the CPR2 Team at UNA is developing curriculum that uses computer programming activities to motivate and define general expressions so students learn to reason abstractly.  


Teachers and school district leaders are involved with the design and implementation of the materials. In collaboration with SRI, International, curriculum and assessments and will be tested in professional learning sessions and then by teachers in their classrooms.


The project will facilitate and sustain change in mathematics education at all levels. Ultimately, this will lead to broader participation of teachers and students in programming and computational thinking, especially those currently underrepresented.