Undergraduate Research

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How do undergraduates do research in mathematics?

Many of the Department of Mathematics faculty members are engaged in scholarly research and often have opportunities for students. In addition, the department is currently participating in interdisciplinary research with the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems and Department of Chemistry.

Students may participate in undergraduate research in two ways:

  • Individual, independent study conducted on a topic selected by the student
  • Individual or group studies conducted on an existing faculty member's research interest

These options are an essential part of the University's Undergraduate Research Program (URP) and Quality Enhancement Program (QEP). The department's research activities support both the URP and QEP programs.

Math/CS Undergraduate Research Team in the News

Current Research Projects

Elly Couch, Math/CS Undergraduate Research TeamDr. Stenger and Dr. Jerkins

  • Model Rocket Flight and Simulation as a Pedagogical Tool
    • Elly Couch - Mathematics/Secondary Education
    • Kayla Dailey - Mathematics/Physics/Computer Science

Dr. Greer

  • Exploring Algebraic Relationships Between Quasigroups and the Sudoku Property
    • John Carr - Mathematics

Dr. Prince-Lubawy

  • Metric Distances Between Cayley Tables
    • Daniel Branscomb - Mathematics/Computer Science

Dr. Stenger

  • Investigating the Effectiveness of Peer-Led Supplemental Instruction
    • Katie Goldsmith - Math/Secondary Education

Dr. Stovall

  • Investigating Cardano's Irreducible Case
    • Alex Edwards - Professional Physics/Math/Chemistry
    • Michael Beaver - Computer Science

Dr. Bowie

  • The Competition-Independence Game on Paths
    • Kayla Dailey - Mathematics/Physics/Computer Science

Past Research Projects

Dr. Stenger

  • Growth Rates of Rehabilitated and Wild Eastern Gray Squirrels
    • Sharon Eccleston - Mathematics

Dr. Johnson

  • Determining the Effectiveness of Peer-Led Supplemental Instruction from Undergraduate Mathematics Fellows
    • Autumn McMunn - Math/Secondary Education

Dr. Dovoedo

  • Measuring the Randomness of Numerical Sequences
    • Ricky Moore - Mathematics/Computer Science

Dr. Stenger, Dr. Stovall, and Dr. Jerkins

  • Software Simulation of flight as a Pedagogical Tool for Teaching Projectile Motion
    • Ben Moore - Mathematics/Biology
    • Baillie Haddock - Mathematics/Secondary Education
    • Patrick Lindsay - Computer Science
  • Model Rocket Flight as a Pedagogical Tool for Teaching Projectile Motion
    • Ryan Paine - Early College/English
    • Elly Couch - Mathematics/Secondary Education
    • Atticus Wright - Computer Science

stovall with ipad

Dr. Stenger

  • Population Estimation: A Bayesian Approach
    • Ricky Moore - Mathematics/Computer Science

Dr. Dasgupta

  • Interval 3-graph Impropriety
    • Josh Reinoehl - Mathematics and Computer Science

Dr. Stenger, Dr. Stovall, and Dr. Jerkins

  • An Investigation of New Algorithmic Approaches to Analyze Weather Data
    • Amy Brown - Mathematics
    • Arin Graham - Computer Science
    • Lacey Richards - Mathematics/Computer Science

Dr. Stovall and Dr. Moeller

  • Developing a Generalized Least-Squares Method
    • Alex Edwards - Mathematics and Chemistry

Dr. Stenger, Dr. Stovall, Dr. Jenkins, and Dr. Jerkins

  • Leveling the Playing Field for Women with Immediate Immersion into Beginning Programming in a Problem Based Learning Environment
    • Emilee Lloyd - Mathematics/Secondary Education
    • Jordan Davis - Computer Science

Dr. Jerkins

  • Multiuser Browser-based Interactive GHCI
    • Shae Erisson - Computer Science

NUCR 2013 Math/CS Undergraduate Research Team