Alabama Statewide Math Contest

First Round: February 27, 2021 

Second Round (by invitation): April 10, 2021 (location tbd).

We do plan to hold the contest in some form in 2021.  The tentative plan is to mail tests and scantrons to particpating schools for structured self-proctoring. This will be updated when details are finalized.  We are hoping to have ciphering in some form, but we're still working out those details.

The 2020 results are in!  Click here

Registration Information.

2021: Registration for 2021 will open in January.

2020: You can find the official rules packet here which contains information about the format, testing sites, information on which district and division you are in. All registrations checks must be postmarked by February 17, 2020.  The online registration form closes on Friday, February 14, 2020. For questions, email

Sample Problems

For past Written Exams, go here.

For past Ciphering Problems, go here.


About the Contest.

The first round consists of written tests administered at eight sites conveniently located throughout the state. Three exams are available: Geometry, Algebra II with Trigonometry and Comprehensive. Previous Exams can be found here. Awards are given based on individual performance and based on team performance, where a team is formed by the top four scores on each exam. Please see the Contest Rules here for more information, including eligibility to take an exam.

The second round is a "ciphering" (Jeopardy style) tournament held at the Auburn University at Montgomery. This tournament is by invitation only based on the results of the first round team comprehensive scores. The ciphering tournament consists of four rounds of 10 questions each, completed by a team of four students. Each student is sent up to answer two individual questions in a predetermined category (Geometry, Algebra II with Trig, Comprehensive I and Comprehensive II) and then the final two questions are worked on by the entire team. For more information, see the Ciphering Rules. Sample Ciphering Presentations can be found here.

2020 Official Rules Packet
2020 Answer Sheet Instructions
2020 Answer Sample Answer Sheet
2017 Ciphering Official Rules
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