Outdated UNA Summer STEM Camp

2019 STEM Camps

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What is STEM Camp?

The University of North Alabama Summer STEM camp is a 3 day residential camp whose purpose is to introduce, inspire, equip and motivate middle and high school students to participate in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Read about the 2015 camps here.

What do we do at UNA's Summer STEM Camp?

  • At the UNA STEM Camp middle and high school students learn from UNA STEM scientists in mathematics, computer science, physics and astronomy.
  • Campers work side by side with UNA's Math/CS Undergraduate students and Honors Program students.
  • They engage in hands-on learning experiences with rockets, robots, programming, Galileoscopes, spectral glasses, bright spectral lamps and multi-line lasers.
  • Activities focus on problem solving, project based learning, and scientific inquiry.

Why is STEM Camp important?

  • STEM college and career opportunities in America are increasing every year. In “STEM: Good Jobs Now and for the Future” (2011), the U.S. Department of Commerce projected that STEM occupations will grow by 17% through 2018 versus 9.8% for non-STEM occupations. Furthermore, they report that STEM workers earn 26% more than their non-STEM counterparts.
  • An early interest in STEM subjects can have tremendous results for college and career goals.
  • The camp also looks good on resumes for scholarships!!!
Rocket Launch, UNA Summer STEM Camp 2013

Need one more reason UNA's Summer STEM Camp rocks?

  • Students work with their teachers who are attending concurrent sessions at UNA's CPR2 Summer Institute for teachers. Regional middle and high school teachers participating in the CPR2 Summer Institute nominate their students to attend the STEM camp. One day of the UNA summer STEM camp overlaps with the CPR2 Summer Institute. On this day, teachers work with their students to test innovative curriculum using computer programming as a tool to teach math reasoning.
  • UNA Math and Computer Science faculty and the Math/CS Undergraduate Research Team follow-up with instruction and STEM demonstrations in the students' middle and high school classrooms during the school year.

UNA Summer STEM Camp 2013