SOAR Videos

Learn how to find your assigned academic advisor in UNA Portal.

Learn how AP credit counts for general education courses.

Learn how to add a family member or a guardian to your account so that the individual can view tuition bill, make payments, and manage the student account.

Learn how to use CANVAS and see the location for your fall semester courses. 

Learn about career services and how to use Lion Jobs.

Learn how to create a digital ID in Presence to stay up to date on all things involvement.

Learn how to access and complete your FERPA release.

Learn how to accept your financial aid and scholarships. 

Learn how to pay for college, apply for scholarships, apply for federal aid, and more with the Office of Financial Aid. 

Learn how to access the patient portal to fill out all medical forms.

Olive Hall Virtual Tour

Freshmen Live On (How to fill out Housing Application/Exemption)

What to Bring to Move In

How to File a Maintenance Request

Cluster Hall Virtual Tour

You will be automatically added to our emergency service system with your UNA email. Learn how you add additional contact information to the Lion Alert system.

Learn how to look up classes as you prepare for class registration.

Learn how to add a meal plan to your account.

Meal Plan PowerPoint

Learn how to register for your parking permit online.

Meal Plan PowerPoint

Learn how to get connected with student organizations and future campus events.

The Pride Planner is a course scheduling tool. By specifying desired courses, the Pride Planner reviews all available sections to develop weekly schedule options.

Learn about tuition, payment deadlines, payment plans, and much more with the Office of Student Accounts.

Every new student must complete the Student Financial Responsibility Agreement one time before the register for their first semester of classes. Learn how to complete that agreement.

Learn how to find what textbooks are required for your classes.

Learn how to look up your tuition bill and make a payment.

Learn how to login to UNA Portal

Learn about the Intervention Referral Form and how the University Case Manager can provide support services to students experiencing barriers to their success.


Create a Mane Card Account Online

Degree Works

Student Engagement Resources