As an alternative to sitting out a penalty semester, Active Suspension students are given the opportunity to participate in an Active Suspension program that allows continued enrollment with a specific target of addressing carefully defined academic deficiencies. The elements of the program are as follows:

Students who wish to participate in the Active Suspension Program must comply with the following conditions:

  • Students can take no more than 13 hours during their suspension semester.
  • The class schedule must first address retaking courses with a failing grade in the general studies program.
  • Second, the class schedule must address retaking courses with a failing grade in the major, the exception being a proposed change in major.
  •  The student must successfully complete a one-hour credit course on academic study skills (Strategies for College Success (UNA 105)).
  • The class schedule is completed by adding courses in the general studies program that have not been taken.
  • Students participating in Active Suspension must earn a minimum 2.0 GPA on 13 hours, and pass Strategies for College Success (UNA 105) to be removed from suspension. Students have up to two semesters to satisfy this requirement or be subject to Academic Suspension as outlined in the Undergraduate Catalog.
  • The student must complete the Active Suspension Registration form.
The current policy mandating that suspended students sit out one regular semester would be retained for those students who do not participate in Active Suspension. The Active Suspension Program is available for students who are on Suspension 1 (or who have been suspended for one semester).