UNA's Entry to Campus Checklist


Step 1: Education

UNA employees and students must complete the web-based training called “COVID-19: Basic Safety and Awareness Course” as part of the GuideSafe™ program. This training is located in CANVAS called GuideSafe™ at UNA. Students and UNA employees must complete this training by August 18, 2020 prior to the first day of classes.


Step 2: Symptom Tracking

UNA employees and students are required to complete the UNA Healthcheck portion of the GuideSafe™ platform, powered by UAB. UNA Healthcheck is a daily COVID-19 self-screening assessment tool that allows users to report related symptoms and exposure. Information will be sent to your UNA email from healthcheck@uab.edu. You may access the Healthcheck here via any mobile device or computer with Internet access.

UNA Healthcheck

screenshot of app


flowchart for symptom checking


Step 3: COVID Testing

INITIAL TESTING: All UNA students will receive a free coronavirus test through the GuideSafe™ Entry Testing program, supported by CARES Act funding through the State of Alabama. The test involves a nasal swab just inside the nostril, which is easy to self-administer and less invasive than the nasopharyngeal swab.

  • Information will be sent to students’ UNA email from testing@guidesafe.org
  • Testing will begin the first week of August, but students should not test more than 14 days before returning to campus. You will receive additional information on how to get tested soon from testing@guidesafe.org
  • All UNA students are required to be tested. Online students who are living in university-owned housing will be required to complete the test. Students who are taking online classes and not coming onto UNA’s campus property this fall will not be required to take the COVID test.
  • GuideSafe™ Entry Testing will provide free tests to every student. You will receive an email from testing@guidesafe.org in the next couple of weeks, with sign-up instructions. The email from testing@guidesafe.org will tell you about the way you will get your coronavirus test. Act promptly, so the results can be processed in time for arrival.
    • At-Home Kit. GuideSafe™ Testing has contracted with providers for UPS Health to send self-administered at-home test kits. This is likely how many out-of-state students and early arrivals will be tested. This test will require swabbing just inside the nostril – not the more invasive process you may have heard about — and sending the sample back in the pre-paid packaging. If you get a kit, complete and return it immediately.
    • In Person. There will be 14 locations throughout Alabama to test in person. Pilot clinics will begin July 26 in limited locations, with additional locations coming on line the following week. Please note: these are NOT for day of arrival at UNA! You need to visit this location at least 3 days before you plan to return to campus, so you can have your results in hand when you arrive in Florence. The email from testing@guidesafe.org will have details about scheduling your test.
    • Students will not be able to choose between an at-home kit or on-site testing, but you will be directed to the best resource to get your test results to you before you come to campus.
    • Private Option. If you want your doctor to test, you can do so, but at your expense. Simply have the test done within 14 days of your return to campus and send the results to covidtesting@una.edu from your UNA email account.
    • Minors under age 19.  UNA students under the age of 19 will need parental consent before you can schedule your testing date. Students, please have your parents complete and virtually sign the three consent forms located here.  Please have the consent form signed by your parents by August 1, 2020. Through the AdobeSign system, the form will automatically come to GuideSafeTM Testing once it is submitted. The three forms provide UNA the appropriate permissions for you to be tested for COVID-19.
    • NOTE: Due to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) restrictions, out of state minors (under 18), those living outside of the United States or residents of New Jersey, New York, Maryland and Rhode Island will not be able to participate in the at-home testing kit option for entry testing provided by GuideSafe Testing.  Students who are not eligible for an at-home testing kit have the following three options to complete the COVID-19 entry testing requirements prior to coming to campus: 
      • Identify a testing option such as a drug store, your primary care physician, or a drive-thru testing. This can include a testing option in your community or once you are in Alabama, as long as it is within the 14-day window of your entry to campus. 
      • GuideSafe Testing has 13 test sites set up across Alabama. To use this option, please email testing@guidesafe.org now to register to receive a test at one of these locations once you are in Alabama. 
      • Call University Health Services at 256-765-4328 or healthservices@una.edu if you are having difficulty getting connected to a test option.
  • Test Results:

What if I test positive?

Those who test positive should self-isolate at home and have medical clearance from a health care provider prior to returning to UNA. Students should call University Health Services at 256-765-4328 during business hours (8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.) and 256-765-5000 during afterhours and weekends. Medical clearance documentation can be sent to covidtesting@una.edu.

What if I already had COVID-19?

You should not retest through GuideSafe™ if you tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 12 weeks. Provide those test results and the clearance from your current health care provider via email from your UNA email account to covidtesting@una.edu.

Where Do I Send My Results?

If you use GuideSafe™ Testing with either the at-home test kit or test in person, the results will be submitted by the testing lab for you. If you test privately or need to share a prior positive, email your results to covidtesting@una.edu from your UNA email account.

Why Am I Being Tested?

Our ability to test every student entering campus this fall will go a long way in helping us maintain a safe environment for you this semester. At UNA, testing will supplement other safety strategies such as the use of cloth face coverings and observing six-feet physical distancing, as well as daily symptom health check.


SENTINEL TESTING: Sentinel testing will involve UNA employees and students to signal trends, identify outbreaks, and monitor the prevalence of COVID-19 on campus. It involves a randomize sample of 2.5% of employees and students.

diagram of nasal swabdiagram of nasal swab


Step 4: Passport

Upon completing the UNA Healthcheck, a link will be emailed to your UNA email to provide a daily Passport (referenced below).  Students living in the residence halls or university owned housing must show their passport during move-in.

screenshot of app
screenshot of app