Rules and Regulations

It is your responsibility to comply with all appropriate regulations.


  • Withdrawals or non-attendance grades will result in over payment of benefits. VA will demand repayment before any future benefits are awarded.
  • Enrollment verification is required the last day of each month by web or phone: Web: Phone: 1-877-823-2378 Note: Dependents’ Ch. 35, Post 9/11 Ch.33, and Voc Rehab Ch. 31 Recipients are exempt from this verification requirement.
  • All remedial courses including EN099, MA105, and MA100 must be taken face to face. The VA does not certify online remedial courses. Check with your advisor to see if you are enrolled in any remedial courses. 
  • VA will pay 1⁄2 housing allowance (average national rate) for internet courses but will not pay housing allowance for active duty personnel or their spouses who receive BAH.
  • A grade point deficit that results in academic dismissal will suspend payment of V.A. Benefits.
  • This office will notify the V.A. of any academic suspension. 
  • Do not repeat ANY course for which you have already received credit with a C or above, or any course not included on your Plan of Study.
  • Course registration will be monitored each semester after Drop/Add Period
  • Withdrawal during a term, except in mitigating cases as approved by the V.A. will result in retroactive termination of benefits, effective the beginning of the term of withdrawal.
  • If you drop to part-time after the term has started, the reduction in V. A. benefits will reduce your benefits retroactively to the beginning of the term.
  • Graduate students can be certified for courses at the undergraduate level only if the courses are required for the degree program.
  • Students are required to meet the minimum cumulative grade point average for their academic program.
  • Each semester, a course schedule and degree audit must be turned in using the Required Registration form.
  • The UNA V.A. Coordinator must be notified of any of the following changes:
    • Change of program major
    • Change of dates of attendance
    • Change in course load(reduction or increase that will affect pay status)
    • Withdrawal (all courses)