Maintaining Student Status

The term "status" refers to your permission to enter and study in the U.S. You were issued a STUDENT visa, so your status comes from being a student in good standing.

top priorities


Your visa is a STUDENT visa. Being a student in good standing is your #1 priority.

  • Enroll, attend and pass all your classes.
    • This is called "normal progress." You have a certain amount of time on your I-20 or DS-2019 to finish your degree. You must make progress each semester in order to be finished with your degree before your I-20 or DS-2019 is finished.
  • You must take a full course of study each semester: 10 classes for AEP, 12 credit hours for Bachelor's, 9 credit hours for Master's.
    • Online classes: Bachelor's students must have a minimum of 9 credit hours of face-to-face classes. Additional classes may be online. Master's students must have a minimum of 6 credit hours face-to-face. Additional classes may be online.
  • When you withdraw from a class after the start of the semester, we will be notified by the UNA Registrar.
  • If your Program End Date is near and you aren't finished with your degree, talk with Sarah Stevens as soon as possible to request an extension.


  • Keep in regular contact with your DSO or ARO. This person is your international advisor and they are the only staff members on UNA's campus who can advise you on your status. Learn about your DSO or ARO below.
  • Check-in and have Orientation as a new student.
  • Report in at the start every semester.
  • Read your UNA email.

Legal Work

Do not work without authorization. If you want to work in the United States, talk with your DSO or ARO about your options. If you choose to work without authorization, your I-20 or DS-2019 will be terminated and you will have to leave the United States within 15 days.

Learn more about what type of work is legal for your visa status.

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