Major in Political Science

The Political Science major is a 36 hour program with 6 required courses.

  • PS 241 - United States Government and Politics
  • PS 244 - Public Policy and Administration
  • PS 301 - Political Science Scope and Research
  • PS 302 - Comparative Politics
  • PS 303 - World Politics
  • PS 304 - Political Theory

Majors can then choose among courses within the political science subfields of American Politics, Comparative Governments, International Relations, Political Theory, Public Administration, and Public Policy.

The Department of Politics, Justice, Law, and Philosophy offers online Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degrees in political science.  The online degree can be completed in four years.  The online program allows students to create their schedules without having to worry about commuting to campus and is a great alternative for working and non-traditional students. The program offers students a wide range of courses with highly qualified faculty and small classes that allow faculty the time to give more individual attention to their students.

Be sure to check the course offerings page to find what courses are being offered by the department or for more information contact the department chair, Dr. Graham at and by phone at (256)765-5045.

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Political Science Check Sheet:  General Studies (2018-19 Catalog), Political Science Major (page 2)