Minor in Public Administration

The minor in Public Administration is designed to provide students with the opportunity to develop their knowledge of public administration theory, policy analysis, research design, written communication, and promote practical experience. The minor offers students choice and flexibility, as many of the courses are currently offered as online.  The public administration minor requires three courses: PS 243 – State and Local Government, PS 244 – Public Policy and Administration, and PS 311 – Public Administration. Other courses may be considered towards the completion of the public administration minor as they become available and on a case by case basis.

Minor in Public Administration

Nine Hours of Core Classes

PS 243 – State and Local Politics

PS 244 – Public Policy and Administration

PS 311 – Public Administration

Nine Hours of Electives (choose of any 3 courses)

CJ 255 – Police Organization and Community Management

CJ 326 – Professional Ethics and Legal Liabilities

CJ 450 – Criminal Justice, Public Policy and Administration

SEM 350 – Interagency Cooperation

PS 411 – Religion, Politics, and Public Policy

PS 412 –  Introduction to Public Policy

PS 413 – Public Organizations and Theory

PS 414 – Urban Politics

PS 415 – Ethics in Administrative Leadership

PS 418/CJ 418 – Regulating Vice in American Cities

PS 495 – Government Internship Practicum

18 Hour Minor in Public Administration 

Political Science Check Sheet:  General Studies (2018-19 Catalog), Political Science Major (page 2)