Psychology Degree

The Department of Psychology offers a major program in psychology leading to the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree. A bachelor’s in psychology provides excellent preparation for entry-level positions in a variety of fields after graduation. Recent graduates have found jobs in medical and behavioral research, human services, human resources, sales and marketing, and computer user-experience. A number of recent graduates have also been accepted into master’s level and doctoral level graduate programs across the country.

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Psychology majors are required to have a minor.  Students minoring in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), are allowed to count up to 6 credit hours of the minor courses (PY classes only) as elective hours towards the Psychology major.

Degree Checksheet

Requirements for a major in psychology

General Psychology (PY 201) 3
Introduction to the Psychology Major (PY 222) 1
Learning (PY 321) 3
Physiological Psychology (PY 361) 3
Psychological Statistics (PY 375) 3
Experimental Psychology (PY 465W) 3
Psychology Electives 18
Exit Exam 0
Total in major: 34*

Note: *33 hours prior to 2013-2014 catalog - 34 hours starting with the 2013-2014 catalog

Prescribed Supporting Courses: CREDIT
Introductory Biology (BI 101-102) or Principles of Biology (BI 111-112) 8
Mathematics (MA 110 or MA 112 or MA 113 or MA 115 or MA 125) 3-4
Elementary Statistics (MA 147) 3

For the Bachelor of Arts degree students must complete a foreign language through the introductory level (101, 102).