Academic suspension is mandatory and automatic based on the student’s GPA. Notification of academic suspension will be indicated at end of the semester. With the exception of a one semester suspension or the first year of a three-year suspension, any student placed on academic suspension status has the right to file an appeal of that status and to request the Readmissions Committee to hear the case.

Appeal forms can be found on the UNA website. Because the Readmissions Committee conducts readmission hearings only at the beginning of each semester or term, an appeal form for a hearing must be received no later than five days before the date of the opening of the residence halls as listed in the University Calendar for the semester or term for which readmission is sought.

The Readmissions Committee, upon hearing the case, has the authority to permit readmission of an academically suspended student before the expiration of the period of suspension. However, the Readmissions Committee exercises that authority only when the appealing student can present substantial evidence of unusual mitigating or extenuating circumstances which led to the student’s academic difficulties or when the appealing student can present substantial evidence of changed circumstances supporting the likelihood of the student’s future academic success. An academically suspended student without such evidence should not appeal his or her suspension, since without such evidence the appeal will be denied.

Students may not, upon readmission, apply or utilize credit earned elsewhere during a period of suspension for progress toward graduation. Additional information regarding the readmission process may be found in the admission section of the undergraduate catalog under the heading, Former Students.