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Welcome from Department Chair

Welcome to the web site for the University of North Alabama Engineering Technology group.  This is a historic moment for the oldest university in Alabama as the 2016-2017 academic year was the first year of our new engineering program, which is the first in the school’s history.   A number of amazing accomplishments have been achieved in our short tenure.   First, a student group has successfully competed in a regional Chem-E-Car engineering competition, placed first among Alabama institutions, and is headed to a national competition in the Fall of 2017.  Second our Co-Op program is in full swing with many students having accepted positions for the summer. Also noteworthy is that Dr. Gollapalli, an engineering graduate of the University of Alabama Huntsville, has joined our growing team to teach the department's Electrical Engineering classes.  The faculty is now staffed to fully support the curriculum which is focused on Electro-Mechanical Engineering and prepares our students for a multitude of career choices such as design engineering, robotics, engineering management, automated manufacturing, entrepreneurship and further advanced education.   The Northern Alabama and Shoals region have numerous employment opportunities for engineers, in fact the first and seventh highest concentration of engineers in the country reside in the Huntsville and Decatur areas respectively, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration with these industries.

For Students, Parents and Educators

We have been continuing to equip our labs with state of the art equipment and are focused on hiring faculty with a passion for teaching excellence,  and developing corporate partnerships to provide Co-op and internship opportunities.   The tabs to the left will direct you to more specific information about our program.  If you are a high school educator, student, or parent interested in learning more about the Engineering Technology program please send me an e-mail and we can arrange a visit at your school or UNA. 

For Manufacturers

If you are a regional manufacturer interested in being a corporate partner for the purposes of developing a Co-op program, educating students about your industry or helping us better prepare students for their future careers, please send me an e-mail so we can coordinate a visit.   You will likely find it encouraging that the students will be exposed to management protocols like six sigma and stage-gate commercialization processes early in their education, as these topics were fundamental in my personal industrial career. 


Finally, the Engineering group is proud to be housed in the brand new Science and Technology Building on our beautiful campus.   The labs and classrooms are state of the art and provide a terrific environment for both students and faculty!   Thanks for your interest.

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