Junior and Senior Recital Information

1. Meet with your teacher & accompanist to decide on several date options for recital, dress rehearsal, & hearing.

2. Check the calendar for availability.

3. Fill out and submit Junior/Senior Recital Request Form 1 via email to music@una.edu and cphifer1@una.edu.

  • This form is used to reserve your recital date. 

4. Fill out and submit Junior/Senior Recital Request Form 2 via email to music@una.edu and cphifer1@una.edu

  • This form is used to reserve your hearing and dress rehearsal. 
  • This form is due one week after receipt of recital date confirmation.

5. You will receive a confirmation with date and program via email within 5 business days.

Submit repertoire proposal, in writing, to your applied teacher; proposal must include the following for all pieces:

  • Composition: title, movement(s), and date of composition
  • Composer’s name & dates, if still living, (b. XXXX, not (XXXX - )
  • Performance time
  • Name(s) of assisting musician(s) with instrument

Your accompanist must receive your music at least SIX WEEKS prior to your recital.

REMEMBER:  The student is responsible for the payment of a pianist’s honoraria.  The honoraria is due to the Department of Music administrative assistant before the recital hearing may take place.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  The honoraria must be a check or money order (no cash) made out to the pianist for the following amount; Junior Recital $200.00/Senior Recital $300.00

1. Hearing is held

2. If hearing is passed, submit program to music@una.edu no later than 72 hours after hearing.

3. If hearing is not passed, email music@una.edu with cancellation of recital.

4. If program is not received within 72 hours after your hearing, it will be assumed the hearing was not passed and your recital will be canceled.

Program Information includes: 

  • All musical program information; including any additional performers
  • Degree title
  • Any acknowledgements

Program notes are the responsibility of the student to print out. 25 programs will be printed for Junior Recitals & 35 programs will be printed for Senior Recitals. Additional programs are the responsibility of the student.

**Recital program information is due to the Music office via email at music@una.edu, within 72 hours after your recital hearing is complete.**

1. Student and applied instructor approve program draft via email.

2. One day prior to the recital you can pick up your recital programs from the Music Office.