Registration Dates

Spring & Summer 2021

Students are allowed to register each semester based on their classification according to earned hours.

Spring & Summer 2021 registration will begin on Monday, November 2nd. Please find your classification below for your registration time.

*Note: Your classification for registration purposes is calculated by earned hours base on your last completed semester.

Below is a breakdown of each group and start time:

Date Start Time Registration Group
November 2nd 12:00 AM Seniors - Graduate Students
November 4th 12:00 AM Juniors
November 9th 12:00 AM Sophomores
November 11th 12:00 AM Freshman
November 16th 12:00 AM Spec. Population

University of North Alabama determines a student's classification based on the amound of earned hours:

Classification Earned Hours
Freshman 0-29 Hours
Sophomore 30-59 Hours
Junior 60-89 Hours
Senior 90 or more Hours