Preferred Name Information

Preferred Name

UNA allows any student to request a preferred name to reflect in CANVAS and for the class roster. Electing to use a preferred name will not change your legal name.

What is a Preferred Name?

A preferred name is a name that students plan to go by on campus. Other than cases where legal name is required, this is the name that will be sued in different instances such as CANVAS and class roster.

Your legal name would continue to be used in the following places:

  • Academic Records
  • Transcripts
  • Financial Aid and Scholarships Documents
  • Any legal document produces by the University
  • Degreeworks
  • Mane Card


A request to add a preferred name to be used for CANVAS and class roster should be emailed to Please include your legal name, new name, and L# when making a request in the following format:

Current Legal Name: FirstName Lastname

Requested/Preferred Name: Newname Lastname


Please note: There are limits to what you may select as a campus name. Character limits and character restrictions apply. At this time, middle names will not be changed on the roster without a legal name change.

**ETS should be contacted for a request name change. If there is a legal name change or change to a student's name in Banner, it will automatically update in Canvas, and ETS will not need to be contacted.


The legal name or gender of a student cannot be changed unless a certified copy of a court order and a new birth certificate documentating the new name and gender change is provided. The request and documentation should be submitted to the Office of the Registrar, 119 Bibb Graves or by email,

Any questions may be directed to the Office of the Registrar at 256-765-5014 or via email at,

Preferred name pertains to your preferred first name, only.
The preferred name is added to the Student Information System but does not change your legal name, the CANVAS online system, and class roster.
The legal name will be sued for academic records (transcripts, diploma, degree/enrollment verification, etc.), financial aid records, student employment records, business office, Athletic Roster for NCAA, National Student Clearinghouse and other external third parties.
Yes! You can request to add a preferred name at any time during the semester. Simply email the registrar's email, from your UNA email requesting this. Please include your full legal name and L#, if known.
No, unfortunately the mane card only uses the student's legal name.
Unfortunately, you cannot have your preferred name on your diploma. Only your legal name is allowed for the diploma.
At this time, changes to the email address are not available.
Ceritfied legal court documents along with a new birth certificate reflecting the new gender are required for the legal name to be updated. Those documents should be submitted to the Office of the Registrar.
No, UNA currently does not have an online student directory established at this time.
A request should be submitted to the Registrar's Office via email, requesting to remove the preferred name. The request must be sent from the student's UNA email account.

A written request along with a copy of the certified court order and a copy of a new birth certificate issued should be mailed to the following address:

Office of the Registrar, 1 Harrison Plaza, 119 Bibb Graves, Florence, AL 35632,, 256-765-5014