Graphics Standards and Web Communications Committee


Dr. Clarissa Hall (Nursing faculty, 2019)
Ms. Jessie Harbuck (SGA, 2018)
Mr. Jeff Hodges (by position)
Ms. Karen Hodges (by position)
Ms. Jennifer Maddox (Library faculty, 2020)
Mr. John McGee (by position)
Mr. Mitch Moon (by position)
Mr. Dhrumil Patel (Education faculty, 2019)
Mr. Bryan Rachal (by position)
Dr. Patricia Roden (Faculty at large, 2018)
Dr. David Ruebhausen (Arts & Sc. faculty, 2018)
Dr. Debbie Shaw (non-voting, by position)
Ms. Julie Taylor (by position)
Dr. Pete Williams (Business faculty, 2020)
Dr. Chunsheng Zhang (Council of Deans, 2020)


Minutes of Meetings

Annual Reports