Safety and Emergency Preparedness Committee


Mr. Aaron Benson (Art faculty, 2020)
Dr. Wayne Bergeron (Faculty at large, 2020)
Ms. Cindy Conlon (by position)                                 
Ms. Teresa Dawson (by position)
Mr. Michael Gautney (by position)
Mr. Kevin Gillilan (by position)
Mr. George Grabryan (non-voting, LaudCoEMA)
Dr. Leshan Kimbrough (Chem&IndHyg fac, 2019)
Dr. Donna Lefort (Council of Deans, 2020)
Mr. Randall Phifer (by position)
Mr. Stephen Putman (by position)
Mr. David Shields (non-voting, by position)
Ms. Jennifer Sutton (by position)
Dr. Ping Zhao (Biology faculty, 2018)
Ms. Angela Zwissler (by position)


Minutes of Meetings

Annual Reports