Requirements for the Bachelor's Level Teacher Education Program (TEP)

How do I apply for admission to UNA?

To apply for admission to an undergraduate program at UNA, an application should be filed with the admissions office.

Candidates should consult with their academic advisor(s) throughout their program to ensure all program requirements are being met.

How do I register for classes?

Registration Information

How do I get unconditionally admitted into the Teacher Education Program (TEP)?

Unconditional admission to TEP is not automatic upon admission to the University. Candidates must formally apply for admission to TEP in the College of Education and Human Sciences. This application process begins in ED 292, which is an orientation course designed for students seeking admission into the teacher education program. Students should be able to successfully meet all eligibility requirements upon completion of ED 292.

Prerequisites for ED 292 include:

  • A minimum of 30 hours of coursework completed prior to registering.
  • Provide proof of successful ASBI/FBI (fingerprint) background clearance to Educator Preparation Office.

Suggestions for successful completion of ED 292 include:

  • A minimum GPA of 2.75 in general studies.
  • Completion of all general studies component during the semester enrolled in ED 292.

During ED 292, all requirements for admission to TEP and their corresponding deadlines will be discussed. These requirements are outlined below:

  1. Major: Declare the major you wish to pursue and make sure the registrar's office has this major on file for you.
  2. Application: Submit an application for admission to TEP to the Office of Educator Preparation via TK20 (Stevens Hall #515) by the deadline posted here.
  3. General Studies: Complete ALL General Studies requirements for unconditional admission status. Students who are lacking only one class from the General Studies component may be admitted to TEP as long as all other requirements have been met. Remedial courses may not be used to meet approved program requirements.
  4. Additional Coursework Requirements: Complete the following courses with a grade of "C" or better:
    ED 292, COM 201, EN 111, EN 112, all Professional Studies attempted, and all Teaching Field attempted.
  5. Interview: Satisfactorily complete an interview designed to provide information on whether the applicant's dispositions and interests are consistent with the requirements for successful teaching. Candidates are limited to two (2) attempts to successfully complete the TEP interview.
  6. Background Clearance: Attain suitability clearance from the Alabama State Department of Education based on your ASBI/FBI fingerprints. The candidate is responsible for the non-refundable, nontransferable fee. A candidate whose suitability determination precludes admission to a State-approved teacher education program has the right to due process procedures. More information on Background Clearance
  7. Field Experience: All education courses require a variety of field experiences in diverse settings. This is an integral preparation component embedded throughout the curriculum. These field experience hours should be logged in the format required by each individual instructor.
  8. Grade Point Average: Attain the following grade point average (GPA) requirements:
    • 2.75 or better on UNA hours attempted
    • 2.75 or better on all work attempted
    • 2.75 or better on Teaching Field coursework attempted, with no grade lower than a "C"
    • 3.0 or better on Professional Studies coursework attempted, with no grade lower than a "C"

When will I know if I am admitted into TEP?

You will be notified of your admission status one week after final grades have been posted for the semester. The notice will be sent to your UNA Portal email address. Students may not pre-register for classes requiring admission to TEP. After receiving a formal notice of admission to the program, candidates may go through regular registration or late registration. If you are denied admission to TEP, you must fill out an application to re-apply for admission by a posted deadline.

Once I have been admitted to TEP, can my admission status ever be revoked?

After you have been admitted to TEP, you are expected to maintain all standards covered in the TEP handbook. Your admission may be rescinded if:

  • You fall below required standards, including but not limited to:
    • Unacceptable disposition ratings
    • Revocation/suspension of background clearance
    • Unsatisfactory GPA(s)
  • You become inactive in TEP for longer than one academic year.

I have been admitted to TEP, now what do I do to complete the program?

Requirements for program completion include:

  1. Coursework: Complete remaining coursework on official checklist. All Professional Studies and Teaching Field coursework must be completed with a grade of "C" or higher.
  2. Field Experiences: All education courses require a variety of field experiences in diverse settings. This is an integral preparation component embedded throughout the curriculum. These field experience hours should be logged in the format required by each individual instructor.
  3. Multicultural Experience: Students who began college in the Fall 2002, or thereafter, are required to show documentation of an acceptable multicultural experience. This may include a foreign language taken at the high school or college level, a continuing studies course, or other experiences as approved by the College. This documentation should be submitted on the appropriate form to the Office of Teacher Certification (SH 546).
  4. Praxis Subject Assessment(s): The subject assessments required in the AECTP consist of selected tests from the Praxis Subject Assessments that are administered by Educational Testing Services (ETS). Candidates are required to take and pass all appropriate Praxis Subject Assessments required for their major prior to internship. More Information on the Praxis Subject Assessments
  5. Internship: A twelve hour internship is the last requirement before graduating and applying for certification. Before a candidate can be admitted to internship, all other teacher education program requirements must be successfully completed and on file in the Office of Educator Preparation.
  6. Portfolio: Candidates in the teacher education program will develop a professional portfolio, documenting their progress toward becoming knowledgeable practicing professionals. Additional information outlining portfolio requirements will be presented in the internship syllabus.
  7. Graduation: Apply for graduation two (2) semesters in advance.
    • Fall candidates should apply between January 1 and April 30
    • Spring candidates should apply between May 1 and August 31
    • Summer candidates should apply between September 1 and November 30

After completing my teacher education program, and graduating, how do I apply for certification?

You will receive the necessary paperwork to apply for certification during your internship semester. During this semester you will complete and return the application for certification, along with a certification fee, to the Certification Officer in the Office of Educator Preparation by the posted deadline.

At the completion of the semester when degrees have been conferred, all applications for certification will be sent to the Alabama State Department of Education, along with the University's recommendations and official transcripts. The Alabama State Department of Education will send your issued certificate to the mailing address listed on your application.

  • An individual who completes a State-approved program must submit an application for Alabama certification within 60 calendar months of program completion. A candidate cannot be recommended for certification based on completion of a program for which State approval expired more than seven years prior to the date of the program completion.
  • Coursework used to meet Class B certification requirements may not be used to meet requirements for Class A certification in any teaching field or area of instructional support.
  • Candidates who wish to complete a teacher education program at UNA and apply for teacher certification in another state are responsible for contacting the Department of Education of that state to determine specific requirements of that state.