Educator Preparation

The University of North Alabama College of Education and Human Sciences offers undergraduate educator preparation programs in Elementary Education, Secondary Education, and P-12 Education. In addition, the College of Education and Human Sciences oversees the Kilby Laboratory School (child development center, kindergarten through sixth grade), the Education Research and In-service Center (ERIC), and the Human Performance Laboratory. We prepare candidates for certification at the baccalaureate, master's, and educational specialist levels.

 Educator Preparation Requirements:

1. Admission to the University. (Admission to the University does not assure admission to programs in educator preparation.)

2. Declaration of a Major.

3. Admission to the Teacher Education Program (TEP).

4. Retention in Programs.

5. Admission to Internship

6. Graduation

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Initial Certification Programs
Designed for candidates pursuing their first teaching certificate.

Bachelors (Class B) Teacher Education Programs
Bachelor's (Class B)
Educator Preparation Programs

Alternative Master's (Class Alt A) Teacher Education Programs
Alternative Master's (Class Alt A)
Educator Preparation Programs

Advanced Certification Programs
Designed for candidates taking their current teaching certificate to a higher level.

Traditional Masters (Class A) Teacher Education Programs
Traditional Master's (Class A)
Educator Preparation Programs
Education Specialist (Class AA) Teacher Education Programs
Education Specialist (Class AA)
Educator Preparation Programs: Elementary,
Instructional Leadership & Teacher Leader