Applicant Conduct Review

Applicant Conduct Review Committee

The Applicant Conduct Review Committee oversees the application review process for applicants who answer “yes” to one or more of the disciplinary history questions on their application.  The Committee is charged with determining the admission status of applicants who have prior misconduct and/or criminal history.  Applicants who provide an affirmative answer are referred to the Committee for a confidential review. 

Applicant Conduct Review Committee Members:

  1. Director of Student Conduct (or designee)- Chair
  2. Associate Vice President & Dean of Students (or his/her designee)
  3. Chief of Police (or designee)
  4. Case Manager (or designee)
  5. Director of Housing and Residence Life (or designee)
  6. Assistant Vice Provost, Academic Affairs (or designee)
  7. Director, Admissions (or designee)

 Disciplinary History Questions:

  1. Do you have any pending disciplinary action or have you received disciplinary action resulting in probation, suspension, removal, dismissal, or expulsion from any high school or any institution of higher learning?
  2. Do you have any pending disciplinary action or are you under investigation for violating Title IX policy (including but not limited to sexual assault, stalking, dating violence, or domestic violence)?
  3. Have you ever pled guilty to, pled no contest to, or been convicted of a felony?


Given that the applicant meets all other university admissions requirements, applicants may receive one of the following outcomes after the Applicant Conduct Review Committee conducts its review:

  1. Applicant may be fully admitted to the university
  2. Applicant may be admitted with conditions
  3. Applicant may be denied admission to the university

Documentation Guidelines and Submission Process:

If you checked yes to one or more of the disciplinary history questions, the Committee may contact you to require that you submit the following: 

  1. Personal statement:

A detailed written statement describing the circumstances surrounding each incident. Explain, in your own words, your involvement in each incident.  If this statement includes past or pending criminal charges, the statement must describe the outcome for each charge(s). Your statement should address your extracurricular involvement, community service, employment (including length of time), institutional attendance, degree progress, academic plan, and any additional relevant information that will assist in the review of your prior conduct.  This is not a character statement. 


  1. Disciplinary Clearance:

Disciplinary clearance by an administrator at the last institution you attended. Additionally, disciplinary clearance must be provided if you were in attendance at an institution (high school, college, university, etc.) at the time of the disclosed incident(s). The clearance must include the type of incident, date of the incident, sanctions, and current standing and must be sent from the institution/school directly to XXXXX.  


  1. Recommendations that address past and current patterns of behavior and any changes in those patterns. Recommendations should include insights related to the potential for personal and academic success from individuals able to speak to the progress and development made by the applicant since the time of the incident(s).  Successful completion of all sanctions and/or probation is preferred.  

  1. Court Related Documents (for past or pending criminal history)


A copy of all official documents for each incident including police and arrest reports, final charge(s), disposition, penalty(s), letter(s) from probation officer, verification of completion for community service and educational programs, and termination of probation notice(s), etc. These documents may be obtained from the Clerk of Courts that processed the case(s). 

The Committee will review your documentation, which may include an interview with you.  After its review, the Committee will decide on your admission application and communicate the outcome to you.  

The Committee’s decision is final and not subject to appeal.  For questions concerning documentation or submission, please contact us by calling 256.765.5195 or emailing us at