Suspension Appeals

Any student who has been suspended for one calendar year or any student who has been suspended for three calendar years and has completed one year of the suspension period may file a written appeal and appear before the Readmissions Committee. The written appeal must be submitted  no later than two weeks before the opening date of residence halls as listed in the University Calendar. This deadline applies for the semester that readmission is sought. The Readmissions Committee usually meets the Monday before classes begin in Summer, Fall and Spring semesters.

Once the appeal is filed, the student will appear before the Readmissions Committee for the appeal hearing. Students will be notified via email of the hearing time and place.

IF YOU ARE APPEALING YOUR FINANCIAL AID, THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO DO IT. Please click here to appeal the loss of your financial aid.

Who should appeal their suspension status?

  1. A student who can present and/or provide substantial evidence of unusual mitigating or extenuating circumstances that led to academic difficulties.
  2. A student who can present and/or provide substantial evidence of changed circumstances that would support the likelihood of the student’s future academic success.
  3. If enrollment in classes is dependent upon the student receiving student financial aid, the student should contact Student Financial Services to determine his/her eligibility for financial aid.

What is considered an unusual mitigating or extenuating circumstance?

  • diagnosis of an illness or learning disability
  • major automobile or other traumatic accident
  • personal, emotional, or financial issue

Who should not appeal their suspension status?

  • students thinking this is a financial aid appeal. Please go to the Student Financial Services website to file a financial aid appeal.
  • students on Academic Suspension 1, which lasts one semester. An alternative to sitting out the single suspension semester of Suspension 1 is participation in the Active Suspension Program (note: this program has a limited number of spots, so students must apply early).
  • students on Academic Suspension-3, which lasts for ywou calendar years, if the first year of the suspension has not been completed. You must wait one calendar year to appeal your academic status. 
  • an academically suspended student without evidence of unusual circumstances as noted above.
  • a student who fails to practice time management, misses class frequently, turns in assignments late, and exhibits other irresponsible behaviors.

        *This appeal process is intended to be used in situations where circumstances were beyond the student’s control.

What happens if I decide to appeal my suspension status?

    • Fill out re-admission form as a former student to the Admissions Office by clicking this application link.
    • Complete the appeal form. The deadline to submit appeals for the Fall 2020 semester is 12:00 p.m. on Thursday, August 13, 2020. Late appeals will
    be considered.
    • Be thorough in completing the appeal form. Remember to offer evidence for circumstances beyond your control or proof that upon your return to the classroom, you are prepared to be academically successful.
  •  The Readmissions Committee meets at on Monday, August 17, 2020. You do not need to be present for this meeting. 
  • The Readmission Committee members will have a copy of your suspension appeal form to review and access to your complete UNA transcript. If you are a transfer student, your transcript from the prior institution(s) will also be available to members.
  • If readmitted, you will be required to see a Academic Support Specialist, Kate Hanbery, from University Advising Services before you can register for classes and continue to meet with this advisor until a cumulative GPA of at least a 2.0 is achieved. Readmitted students are frequently required to attend workshops, study skills sessions, obtain a tutor from the University Success Center, and have their professors complete progress reports.

Active Suspension Information

Active Suspension Application