Information for Students and Parents

Trying to find out who your advisor is?

Go to your UNA Portal and log in
Switch to the Self Service Banner tab
Click "Student" to go to the Student Information page
Click "Student Records" 
Click "View Student Information"
Your Primary Advisor is listed on the General Student Record page. You can find your advisor's contact information using the UNA Directory. Prepare with your meeting with your advisor by using the Pride Planner; learn how with the Schedule Builder Tutorial.

You can use the following pages to prepare for and learn more about your college experience.

Once you have begun your college career, you may find the following helpful for a more successful experience:

The following links will provide further information about the academic details of college life that are related to the University Advising Services programs.

UNA has also implemented a new system to help you create a class schedule faster and easier. You can customize the Pride Planner to show you classes that fit around your work and extracurricular activities, making registering for classes much faster when the time comes. To find out how to build your class schedule using the Pride Planner, visit