Dr. Jason Watson

Current Courses

  • CIS 289 Introduction to HCI/UX
  • CIS 376 Web Development
  • CIS 444 Advanced IT Infrastructure
  • CIS 499 HCI/UX Capstone
  • ITE 369 USable Privacy and Security


  • 2014 Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  • 2008 M.S., University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  • 1999 B.S., University of North Carolina at Charlotte


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[2] H. R. Lipford, A. Besmer, and J. Watson, Understanding Privacy Settings in Facebook with an Audience View. Proceedings of Usability, Psychology, and Security (UPSEC 2008), Berkeley, CA, April 2008. USENIX Association.
[1] J. Watson, Facilitation of Complex Privacy Settings in Online Social Networks, Master's Thesis, April 2008.

Dr. Jason Watson

Email: jwatson5@una.edu
Telephone: 256-765-4689
Office: Keller 248

Postal: UNA Box 5236
University of North Alabama
Florence AL, 35632