Computer Science & Information Systems

Welcome to the CSIS department!

Student majors in CSIS programs have the significant opportunity to work closely with our faculty members for advice, support, and mentoring throughout their chosen program. There are numerous success stories of our graduates who have gone on to highly successful careers in professional work environments. Our graduates are positioned to join these alumni in significant and rewarding careers.

We believe that one of the strongest attributes of our programs is the continuing opportunity for you to build collaborative relationships with our faculty and other student majors as you learn and interact in a nurturing environment where the faculty member “knows your name.”

Undergraduate Majors:

Computer Information Systems (CIS)
Computer Science (CS)
Information Technology (IT)

Undergraduate Minors:

Computer Information Systems (CIS)
Computer Science (CS)
Human Computer Interaction / User Experience (HCI/UX)

MBA Concentrations:

Information Systems Concentration

We encourage you to contact us so that we can explore the possibilities for providing you with an exceptional educational experience that will position you as a top candidate when entering a highly competitive job market. Thanks again for visiting!