Quality Assurance Guarantee

The University of North Alabama guarantees the success of individuals who complete approved programs of study in the teacher education program and who are employed in their areas (of specialization). The Educator Preparation Provider (EPP) will provide remediation at no cost to individuals who are recommended for certification by the EPP and deemed to be unsatisfactory based on performance evaluation(s) established by the State Board of Education and within two years after program completion.

Graduating seniors will be given a letter indicating the willingness of the University to support this policy. This guarantee will not apply in situations where the teacher has been given an out-of-field assignment, unreasonable number of preparations, numbers in excess of acceptable class size loads, floating status or other arrangements which are inappropriate for beginning teachers.

Requests for assistance can be made by the superintendent or the school principal by contacting the dean of the College of Education and Human Sciences at (256) 765-4252. The dean or his/her designee will visit the school to gather additional information relative to the request and to determine an appropriate course of action. It will be necessary for the superintendent or principal to share all information pertinent to the teacher's performance.