UNA uses Kaltura to provide video and other media services for faculty and students in online, hybrid, and traditional classes.

Kaltura can be used to:

  • Capture lectures
  • Present video to students
  • Incorporate existing video/media (such as videos recording using Camtasia)
  • Add closed captioning to media
  • Allow students to upload video/media-based assignments
  • Create video quizzes in Canvas
  • Provide usage analytics

  1. Go to Canvas.
  2. Go to My Media.
  3. Go to the video.
  4. Click Actions.
  5. Click Caption Requests.
  6. If there's an edit button, click it.
  7. If you do not see the edit button, click the "Refresh list: CLICK HERE to see all Caption Requests for this media."
  8. You should then see the edit button, click it.  

When you get to the Captioning editor, you just type to make changes.   The “Save” button keeps a draft of corrections for each caption.  The “Approve” button finalizes the changes for each captions.  

Cielo, the company that provides the automated captioning and the caption editor has a series of video guides available here:  The first, Portfolio Video, does not apply to UNA, but the Edit Tool series does.

  1. Add an Assignment
  2. Change Submission Type to Online
  3. Under Online Entry Options, select Text Entry
  4. Change Other Assignment properties as needed
  5. Save and Publish
  6. When they access the assignment, students will submit by clicking the “Embed Kaltura Video” in the text editor window.  Please see the "How Do Students Submit Video/Media To An Assignment?" section for detailed submission instructions.

These instructions also work for uploading/embedding into Discussions. 

PDF Guide with images for PC

PDF Guide with images for Mac

Quick Guide

  1. Go to the Assignment
  2. Click Submit Assignment
  3. In the Text Entry window, Click the Embed Kaltura Media button
  4. You should now see the Kaltura Embed Media Window
  5. Click the Actions button in the upper right
    1. If you have media to upload, select Media Upload
    2. If you need to record, you can select CaptureSpace
  6. Once you have media in your My Media, you can select it
  7. You may embed your media as Large, Medium, or Small.   Unless specified by your professor, this is up to you.
  8. Add any additional comments to your instructor in the Comments box
  9. Click Submit Assignment