Health Insurance

The University of North Alabama has a fully-insured group health insurance program with Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Alabama which includes medical, prescription drug, vision, psychiatric, and substance abuse benefits for full-time university employees, and their eligible dependents. The Health Plan at a Glance document can be used a quick reference for coverage levels.To view the plan coverage in detail, refer to the Health Plan Booklet

The medical portion of the plan includes coverage for both inpatient and outpatient medical care through Blue Cross/Blue Shield’s PPO network. Those covered under the University’s plan enjoy Blue Card PPO coverage which includes in-network coverage for any physician or facility in the Blue Cross/Blue Shield network, regardless of location. The Blue Card PPO Brochure provides more detail on this plan. Use this link to find out if a particular physician or facility is in the Blue Cross/Blue Shield network.

Mental and Emotional Health Benefits

Air Medical Services, also a part of the plan, provide covered transportation services to a hospital near a covered member’s home should he/she be hospitalized while more than 150 miles from home.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Health/Vision/RX - Monthly Premiums
Tier Employee Portion UNA Portion Total Premium (employee + UNA portion)
Employee $0.00 $557.95 $557.95
 +Child(ren) $362.65 $557.95 $920.60
 +Spouse $557.94 $557.95 $1,115.89
 +Spouse & Child(ren) $641.08 $557.95 $1,199.03

Initial enrollment for the health plan is conducted during new-hire orientation. Annual open enrollment is during February with an effective date of March 1 of each year. To apply for open enrollment, please complete the application here.


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