Blue Cross Blue Shield Vision Provided by the University

The vision coverage, a part of the health insurance plan, affords each covered employee and dependent $250 in routine vision benefits every two calendar years. The benefit limits start new each even year. Use this link to locate a network vision provider:

To file a vision claim through the mail, use the Vision Claim Form

Supplemental Vision (VSP)

The VSP Supplemental Vision Plan provides benefits for an eye exam and glasses or contact lenses annually.  Payment for these benefits is made directly to the eye-care provider; this payment is in addition to your current vision coverage with Blue Cross/Blue Shield.  See the VSP Informational Flyer for full details.  It is highly recommended that you consider this policy only if you plan to use one of the listed network providers.  To search for additional providers, refer to the VSP website: (

The plan also offers discounts on LASIK procedures and a hearing benefit. Click on the links below to view all informational flyers and offers:

VSP Extra $20 Coupon                 VSP True Hearing Informational Flyer
VSP Extra Savings                        VSP Laser VisionCare Flyer

Enrollment takes place once per year during the University's Open Enrollment Period.  Click here for the VSP application.  Completed enrollment forms must be submitted to the Office of Human Resources.  To file a claim, simply tell the provider that you have VSP; there is no membership card.  Rates for the vision plan are as follows:

Plan Type Monthly Premium Bi-Weekly Premium (24 deductions/year)
Employee Only $8.88 $4.44
Employee + One $17.76 $8.88
Family $23.76 $11.88


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