Information on how to Apply to Graduate

Masters and Baccalaureate Degree Candidates must apply for graduation by the specified deadline:

For step by step instructions, click here.

SPRING 2015: 5-1-2014
thru 7-31-2014
FEE $30 OR
Late Dates:
thru 8-31-2014
$30 application fee + late fee may apply
SUMMER 2015: 9-1-2014
thru 10-31-2014
FEE $30 OR
Late Dates:
thru 11-30-2014
$30 application fee + late fee may apply
FALL 2015: 1-1-2015
thru 3-31-2015
FEE $30 OR
FALL 2015
Late Dates:
thru 4-30-2015
$30 application fee + late fee may apply
SPRING 2016: 5-1-2015
thru 7-31-2015
FEE $30 OR
Late Dates:
thru 8-31-2015
$30 application fee + late fee may apply

Please carefully read the letter for your term of graduation below which contains important graduation information:

Letter for prospective graduates

*Please complete the Graduation application change form with any changes you need to make concerning your graduation. Changes made on any other form will not change your graduation information.

Download the Graduation Application Change Form

Prospective Graduation List and Graduation Information

Is your name on the prospective graduation list? The prospective graduation list for the current term will be posted online one month after the semester begins and updated at the first of each month. Questions should be directed to the Registrar's Office, Bibb Graves Room 119. If you signed the confidentiality request, your name will not appear on any list. You can change this on your UNA Portal.

Diploma Reorder Information

For those individuals needed to request a diploma reorder please print the Diploma Reorder Form. Complete the form and return to the Registrar's office.