University and Course Withdrawal

Withdrawal from the University:

Students who wish to withdraw from the University must notify the Office of the Registrar and follow official procedures.

Withdrawal from a course:

Email Drop Procedure – University Policy
GraduateAny student wishing to drop a class may logon to their secure UNA email account and send an email to their instructor of record and a copy of the email to the Registrar's Office at This will be valid for online courses as well as regular courses. The email MUST come from the student's UNA portal account. The Registrar's Office will officially drop a student from the course after receiving a response from the instructor, which includes permission to drop with a grade of W, WP, or WF. In the email, be sure that you include your full name, UNA L number, course name and section .

Withdrawing from a course before the deadline will not affect a student's GPA or academic standing. A notation of W, WP or WF is made on a student's transcript depending on the timing of course withdrawal. See schedule of classes for dates.

UNA fansStudents are strongly advised not to withdraw from courses unless absolutely necessary.

Students receiving Financial Aid should check with the Financial Aid Office before withdrawing from classes. Student progress toward degree completion is checked once per year for students receiving federal grants and loans. Students must pass and complete 75% of all work attempted to maintain financial aid.

Student Athletes should check with the Athletic Department as course withdrawal could affect eligibility for competition.

For more detailed information, consult the UNA catalog