Duo Tutorials

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Click on the links below to see our step-by-step tutorials.


How to Set Up Duo

See step-by-step screenshots of how to get started with Duo Two Factor Authentication.


Add a New Device

Got a new phone or tablet? Let’s get it set up and Duo-enabled.


Reactivate the Duo Mobile App 

Already have Duo installed, but the account is blocked. Click here for instructions on how to reactivate the app. 


Access a Duo-protected Site

See step-by-step screenshots of how to access a UNA site protected by Duo.


Add Multiple Devices - Student Orgs 

Leaders and sponsors of student organizations can register multiple devices to access student organization email accounts.


Turn Off Autopush 

Can’t use the remember me feature? Turn off autopush.


Still have questions?

No problem, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page or give our IT HelpDesk a call. We’re happy to help.