Departments and Undergraduate Majors

The College of Arts and Sciences offers majors leading to the bachelor's degree in the following areas. Through cooperation with the College of Education, programs marked with asterisks may lead to teacher certification for students who complete a second major in Secondary Education. Clicking on the name of the department will take you to the departmental website.




Department of Visual Arts and Design


Ceramics Concentration

Digital Media Concentration

Painting Concentration

Photography Concentration

Sculpture Concentration

Interior Architecture and Design

Fashion Merchandising and Design

Culinary Arts Management

Hospitality and Events Management

As part of School of the Arts

Department of Biology


Cellular and Molecular Biology Option

Environmental Biology Option

General Biology* Option

Professional Biology Option

Marine Biology

Department of Chemistry and Industrial Hygiene


General Chemistry* Option

Professional Chemistry Option

Industrial Hygiene

Department of Communications

Communication Arts

Communication Studies Option

Mass Communication

Journalism and Digital Media Production Option

Public Relations Option

Department of Engineering Technology

Engineering Technology

Department of English


Literature Option

Professional Writing Option

Language Arts* Option

Department of Entertainment Industry

Entertainment Industry

Entertainment Business Option

Entertainment Technology Option

Department of Foreign Languages

Foreign Languages: French, German, Spanish

Foreign Languages* Option

Foreign Languages for Commerce Option

Foreign Languages: Professional Option

Department of Geography

General Geography

Geographic Information Systems

Department of History


Social Science*

Department of Interdisciplinary & Professional Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies

Flexible/Individualized Option

Applied Entrepreneurship Option

Organizational Leadership

Department of Mathematics


Department of Military Science
(Program leading to commission in the U.S. Army)

Department of Music


Instrumental Music* Option

Performance Option: Instrumental, Keyboard or Voice

Vocal/Choral Music* Option

Department of Physics and Earth Science


Professional Physics Option

General Physics* Option

Geophysics Option

General Science Education* Option


Earth Systems Sustainability


Department of Politics, Justice, Law, and Philosophy

Criminal Justice



Political Science


Department of Psychology


Department of Social Work

Social Work

Department of Sociology and Family Studies


Criminology Option

Gerontology Option