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Kilby Receives Award For National Service Project

Jun. 11, 2012

Michelle Eubanks, UNA, at media@una.edu, 256.765.4392 or 256.606.2033

FLORENCE, Ala. - The students, teachers, and faculty of Kilby School took part in an 8-week, national fundraiser beginning this January to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society through the Society's School and Youth Programs. As a result of their fundraising, Kilby received an award for having one of the top five student earnings in the state. Kilby participates in a service-learning project every year, said Kathy Atkins, Kilby's guidance counselor, and the driving force behind Kilby's involvement in the Pennies for Patients project. Its mission is to encourage students to give up spare change, which will be used to fund cancer research and help families of cancer patients. Leukemia and Lymphoma are known to be some of the most prevalent and deadly blood cancers, particularly for children and young adults under the age of 20. This year, more than 27,000 schools participated in the project nationwide, raising over $26 million. When it was over, the students of Kilby had brought in a total of $1,224.50-an average of $8.56 per student. "It was a lot of pennies," said Atkins, "especially when we were rolling them by hand." The project was a personal one for Kilby in many ways. "A lot of people here have experienced a family member with cancer," said Atkins. In fact, one of Kilby's own students, now a sixth-grader, battled and defeated Leukemia at age 3. "It was great to see the students get excited about it, and we're really proud of them," Atkins said. For more details about the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and Pennies for Patients, visit www.lls.org.