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Una Announces Undergraduate Research Program On Campus

Apr. 04, 2012

Michelle Eubanks, UNA, at media@una.edu, 256.765.4392 or 256.606.2033

FLORENCE, Ala. — The University of North Alabama has announced that it will begin accepting proposal requests from students wishing to participate in the new undergraduate research program, which is also known as the URP. The URP has been designed to encourage and support student initiated research efforts that are focused on the student's specific field of study. Dr. Tanja Blackstone, director of the Office of Sponsored Programs, said that this opportunity to participate in the URP is one that will make a lasting impression. "A student that participates in URP and is able to put this in his or her resume and portfolio is something that is going to set them apart from others," Blackstone said. "This research opportunity will not only be a wonderful opportunity but it will also be a great learning experience. The chosen students will learn how to write and interpret research reports in a succinct and precise manner." There are four available URP positions and admittance into the program is very competitive. Each program award comes with a $1,000 research grant and requires the student to enroll in a 400-level independent study course. Up to three hours of the independent study course tuition will be waived by the URP. Blackstone encourages students from every field of study at UNA to apply for the prestigious positions. Students interested in being considered for participation in the URP must electronically submit a complete research proposal by 4 pm on May 31 and must also be enrolled in at least six hours of coursework at UNA. For more information regarding the program and the research proposal guidelines, contact Dr. Tanja F. Blackstone at tfblackstone@una.edu or 256-765-4523.