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Important Campus Parking Changes For Thursday, June 26, Friday, June 27 & Saturday June 28

Jun. 26, 2014

Michelle Eubanks, UNA, at media@una.edu, 256.765.4392 or 256.606.2033

Dear Campus Community: The University Bass Fishing Team is currently leading in the national Cabela's School of the Year standings for 2014. The final event in the season will be held on Pickwick Lake this weekend with weigh ins being held on the UNA campus. Weigh-ins will happen from 2:00pm-4:00pm on Friday and Saturday, with the awards ceremony happening Saturday. The UNA Bass Team is a solid 75 points ahead in the standings and has the chance to be the number one team in the country this weekend. This is a national event and will be covered by ESPN-U live from the UNA campus. This is a wonderful national exposure opportunity for both the UNA Bass Fishing Team and the University. There will be 165 collegiate teams competing in the tournament. Because the UNA campus will serve as the site for the tournament broadcast coverage and for the weigh ins each day, several parking changes will need to be made to accommodate the fishing teams and visitors. The parking changes are listed below. We have tried to accommodate the tournament with minimal impact on our parking but it will certainly be crowded with 165 boats and teams. Thursday, June 26 A small section of the faculty/staff Keller Lot (six to eight spaces) will be blocked off to accommodate the ESPN Broadcast Trailer. The rest of the Keller Lot will be open for parking on Thursday. Friday, June 27 8:00 am - 4:30 pm The Keller Lot (Lot B) will be closed. 12:00 noon - 4:30 pm The parking behind the Commons building will be blocked off to prevent parking in the lot. Cars already in the lot before 12:00 noon will not be asked to move. 1:00 pm The parking lot at Irvine and Seminary will be closed to parking. Cars in this area before 1:00 pm will not be asked to move. 1:00 pm The entrance to the GUC Lot at Dormitory Drive off Pine Street will be closed to parking. Cars already in the lot prior to 1:00 pm will be permitted to exit as needed. No new parking will be permitted in the GUC lot after 1:00pm - 4:30 pm. Saturday, June 28 Same as Friday above The following lots will remain open for parking: Kilby School Powers Hall Pine and Irvine (Lot KK) Pine Street All other campus lots not noted above to accommodate the fishing tournament. -- David P. Shields, Jr. Vice President for Student Affairs